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Subject: Prague Security Conference | Extended Deadline for Registrations: Aug 31st

IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015

“New Threats to Security”

Charles University | Prague, Czech Republic

September 21 – 25, 2015

With an Extended Deadline for Registration until August 31st 2015


More information and Tickets available at: http://www.iapss.org/events/autumn-convention/2015-new-threats-to-security/

The IAPSS Autumn Convention is the second largest annual event hosted by IAPSS – the International Association for Political Science Students. Hundreds of students from across the globe are expected to discuss and examine the Convention’s theme ‘New Threats to Security’ with dozens of high profile scholars, experts and policy-makers featured  from September 21 – 25, 2015 at Charles University of Prague. Join us at the 2nd largest conference for the students of #PoliticalScience#InternationalRelations and related studies in 2015!


What Can You Expect?

Hundreds of students of Political Science and related disciplines are expected at the 2nd largest conference for Young Political Scientists in 2015. An exciting academic and social programme with a broad range of both high profile scholars and experts will await you in the beautiful ‘Golden City’ of Prague. The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 will bring together a multiplicity of experts from the academia, civil society institutions, the media, policy-makers and think tanks from Czech Republic, Europe and beyond. At dozens of student panels, more than 100 panelists will be provided with the unique opportunity to discuss their research and work-in-progress in political science, international relations and related sub-fields with an international audience.


On The Programme

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 aims at both providing students of political science, international relations and related disciplines a platform to present their work and research within a variety of student panels. The IAPSS Autumn Convention will bring you together with experts from the academia, politics, the media and civil society to discuss and examine topics and issues around the Convention’s theme New Threats to Security – in-depth.


Each day (September 21 – 24) is divided in 4 time slots of 90 minutes length each. 7 of these time slots during the week are exclusively reserved for a series of student panels running parallel. Three to five students will present their research and work in form of short paper presentations at each panel, facilitated by a Panel Chair, a Panel Discussant and the audience present.


At a number of high profile lectures, we will bring  you together with leading political scientists of our time, in an open atmosphere, enabling both the speaker and the audience to discuss the lecture’s topic freely. 3 time slots of again 90 minutes length each are scheduled for a number of expert sessions. A highly interactive environment will enable you and the academic guests to elaborate on concepts, theories and arguments in-depth.


preliminary programme will be published by early August 2015, with detailed information on the topics of the sessions and the speakers featured - here: http://www.iapss.org/events/autumn-convention/2015-new-threats-to-security/the-program/


Social Events

To quote Franz Kafka: “Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws“. A never sleeping city, the capital of Czech Republic is one of the beautifully emerging and prosperous metropolises from the former Warsaw Pact states – where old Christian and Jewish quarters meet post-socialist suburbs, where a young creative crowd attends the oldest university north of the European Alps, and where decisive scenes happened just before the fall of the Berlin wall.


Prague offers uncounted cultural and social events and venues to enjoy your time in the city as much as possible. The Convention’s social programme will include a festive opening reception (Day 1) and a vibrant Convention party (Day 4). Bar Nights will be held on Day 2 and 3 bring everyone together in a joyful atmosphere to continue the debates of the day and to enjoy Prague’s unique flair with ice-cold Czech beer.


Special Features

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 will be officially inaugurated with a festive Opening Session in the morning of September 21, followed by the key note hold by a high-profile speaker.


After the ultimate highlight of the program, the Oxford Style Debate, the IAPSS Executive Committee and the IAPSS Congress Management will officially close the Convention during a festive Closing Session, summing up the four days of the Convention’s academic programme (September 21 – 24). During the closing session, the winner of the second IAPSS Award for Academic Excellency will be announced!


How Can You Register?

Tickets for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague are available until August 31st here: http://www.iapss.org/events/autumn-convention/2015-new-threats-to-security/ 


If you are a member of IAPSS already, you will just have to log in to your individual account at MyIAPSS (http://www.iapss.org/myiapss/) and purchase your Convention ticket at the IAPSS Web Store (http://www.iapss.org/myiapss/store/).


If you are not a member of IAPSS yet, you have to register for IAPSS Membership (10 / 15 EUR, depending on your country of origin) first – completed in a few minutes. Afterwards, you will be able to purchase your ticket for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in the IAPSS Web Store as described above.


Payment options include various credit cards, PayPal and payment by debit card (the latter for German, Dutch and Belgian bank accounts only). Our payment facilities are protected by a SSL certificate.


How Much Is It?

You can chose from two ticket categories:


Ticket Category 1) participation in the Convention (September 21 – 24): 90.00 EUR

Ticket Category 2) participation in the Convention & the IAPSS Consultations (September 21 – 25): 95.00 EUR

Tickets can be purchased herehttp://www.iapss.org/events/autumn-convention/2015-new-threats-to-security/


An insignificant fee is charged depending on whether you purchase your ticket via credit card or PayPal (all other payment options are free-of-charge). Please note that accommodation is not included, and that IAPSS does not cover travel or visa costs.


Travel & Accommodation Recommendations

A variety of hints for transport and accommodation as well as discounts for hostels in Prague are provided here:http://www.iapss.org/events/autumn-convention/2015-new-threats-to-security/


The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in the Social Media

Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IAPSSAutumnConvention) for all news, updates and developments. Also, join our exclusive Facebook Event (https://www.facebook.com/events/293828574160755/) for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague.


The official twitter hashtag for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 is #IAPSSacPrague15. Follow us at twitter.com/IAPSS and tweet your thoughts, impressions and pictures!


Questions & Inquiries?

Then contact,

for visa, registration, other administrative and media inquiries: Andrea Kovarova at ac-administration@iapss.org

for academic programme and partnership inquiries: Jannick Burggraaff at convention@iapss.org

for abstract, paper and panel related inquiries: Vit Simral at academic@iapss.org

for IAPSS General Assembly and IAPSS Membership inquiries: Andrea Kovarova at secgen@iapss.org

for travel grant, payment and cancellation related inquiries: Catherine Mackay at finances@iapss.org


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