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Subject: E-conference: Faces of Modern Terrorism



which will be held on 14 - 18 December 2015






There are few phenomena which are so huge threat to human life and health as organised crime, and above all - terrorism. Although the phenomenon of terrorism is not new, nowadays it takes previously unknown, innovative and unprecedented forms. Among the factors perceived as an emblem of today's organised crime there are as follows: determination of terrorists, the lack of respect for their own and other people's lives, as well as the fact that being directed against the civilian population it always tries to use the element of surprise. Starting from September 11, 2001, from the attack on the World Trade Center, the issue of terrorism is increasingly present in the public and scientific discourse. This is the aftermath of at least two factors: the first of them can undoubtedly be a role played by the media in providing information about the actions and activities of terrorists; while the second one is more practical; the scale of the phenomenon cause that we are dealing with a global problem. This dissemination of terrorism carries with it different implications. The terrorist acts influence not only the actions taken by individual governments and supranational organisations making it a matter of priority, but also affect economic life in the form of investment and infrastructure losses.  They also reverberate on social capital (civilian casualties) and on - difficult to estimate - chronic sense of fear and danger. This impact of different forms of modern terrorism on the daily lives of citizens and the shape of international relations is however only an outline of possible topics that fit in with the subject of the proposed conference.  The initiators of this event are convinced of the necessity of a multi-faceted treatment of the problem of terrorism. Therefore, they invite representatives of academia, of public administration as well as representatives of media to participate in the joint debate.


The conference tackles the following themes:


·         National and international security in the twenty-first century

·         Terrorism in historical perspective

·         The phenomenon of terrorism in the world – definitional and theoretical divagations

·         Modern faces of terrorism - from political terrorism to cyber-terrorism

·         Environmental determinants of modern terrorism

·         Terrorist organisations - structure, organisation and activity

·         Counter terrorism missions

·         Political, economic and social consequences of terrorist attacks

·         Countering terrorism - prevention and early intervention


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until November 29, 2015.  Please indicate the title of the conference you want to participate in and your name, for example: Ins and outs of elections campaigns – John Smith. The conference fees are as follows:


- 20 EUR – passive participation

- 50 EUR – active participation – presentation and article in Polish

- 100 EUR – active participation – presentation and article in English



- Traditional presentation prepared in Microsoft Power Point

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