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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS - Child Soldiers: An Early Warning Indicator of Mass Atrocities


Child Soldiers: An Early Warning Indicator of Mass Atrocities 


Graduate Student Working Paper Series


The main goal of this interdisciplinary working paper series is to explore the recruitment and use

of  child  soldiers  as  an  early  warning  indicator  for  mass  atrocities.  In  its  latest  publication,

“Understanding  the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers as an Early Warning  Indicator”,  the

Dallaire Initiative boldly argues for the global community to recognize the recruitment and use

of child soldiers as an indicator for mass atrocities. Through Bowles, the Dallaire Initiative seeks

to  build  a  collection  of  work  comprised  of  research  and  case  studies  that  expands  on  the

emergent area of study of child soldiery and early warning. The Dallaire Initiative aspires to use

this body of work to stimulate debate and discussion amongst the researchers and practitioners



Using our publication as a road map, we welcome abstracts that explore perspectives that make

connections between mass atrocities and genocide in the following areas:

*  Children and Armed Conflict 

*  The Operationalizing of Early Warning 

*  Human Trafficking and children 

*  International crime and children

*  Accountability and International Law

*  Conflict prevention 


The Dallaire Initiative has identified several countries where its hypothesis is of significance and

is interested to collect case studies that further examine this issue as an understudied dynamic

of conflict around the globe. The particular countries of interest are, but not limited to:

*  Syria

*  South Sudan

*  Central African Republic

*  Iraq

*  Democratic Republic of Congo

*  Myanmar

*  Pakistan

*  Somalia

*  Cote D’Ivoire

*  Libya

*  Mali


Applications must include the following:

*  Title

*  Abstract (300 words) Title

*  Brief bio/sketch (200 words)


A $100 honorarium will be rewarded for selected papers


Submit to: sam@childsoldiers.org

Deadline for submission: August 15, 2015



Thank you.


Shannon Langton

Centre for Foreign Policy Studies

Dalhousie University

T: 902.494.3769  F: 902.494.3825



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