Date: 2015-03-03
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Subject: Call for Editors - New International Journal (International Journal of Public Policy and Management IJPPM)

We are planning to publish a new double-blind peer-reviewed, twice-yearly international journal entitled: International Journal of Public Policy and Management (IJPPM) and we would like to invite you to join us as Editor.

The Journal will be published and hosted by a subscription publisher, Natural Sciences Publishing, USA LLC (NSP) http://naturalspublishing.com/pages.asp?pgID=2

Articles shall be written in English and French language and shall focus on, but not limited to, the following areas: Public policy analysis and management, Public policy evaluation, Public administration, Public management, Comparative studies related to public, non- governmental and private sector, Governance, Public affairs, Political science politics and government, and International affairs, and we will dedicate a special attention to Environmental Policies as well. The topics of the journal are of high current interest, broad enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions, and at the same time it is narrow enough to keep a strong focus for the journal.


As an Editor, your main responsibilities will be first to invite some of your students and colleagues to submit their work to be considered for publication in this journal. Then, we will assign the incoming submitted manuscripts to you or to the appropriate editor for review.


Our staff will provide you with as much administrative and editorial assistance as possible to make sure that the whole process is as seamless and rewarding as possible for the editors and authors alike.


We will be happy to provide more details if you are interested in joining us as an Editor for our new journal.


If you wish to proceed kindly contact ijppmjournal@gmail.com to obtain an application form and return it to ijppmjournal@gmail.com as soon as possible


Naglaa Fathy El Dessouky, Ph.D.
Founding Editor of The International Journal of Public Policy and Management (IJPPM)

Associate Prof. of Public Administration and Public Policy Analysis
Department of Public and Local Administration

Faculty of Management Sciences

Sadat Academy for Management Sciences (SAMS), Cairo, Egypt

E-mail: ijppmjournal@gmail.com


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