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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Upcoming deadline ECPR General Conference Montreal 16 February 2015

Dear Members of Polcan,
The ECPR General Conference will be held outside of Europe for the first time ever. It will be held in Canada, in Montreal. The ECPR
is organized via Standing Groups who have submitted possible sections. Please be informed that the Standing Group on the European
Union (ECPR SGEU) has a number of slots available for panels at the upcoming ECPR conference to be held at the Université de
Montréal, Canada, 26 - 29 August 2015. The deadline for submitting panels and papers is 16 February.  The submission is due to
ECPR but do indicate that you are interested in being part of the ECPR SGEU panels.  Below my name is an excerpt of the recent
ECPR mailing reminding members of this upcoming deadline.
Our panels have been indicated as focusing on topics such as Canada-EU relations, Transatlantic relations and mutual learning;
on Policy-Making and inter-institutional relations in the EU and EU’s Normative Power – The influence of the EU outside its borders?
If these topics do not fit your interests but you feel that your topic would fit, please  feel free to suggest another panel of your own
choice and indicate in your submission to ECPR your interest in being part of the ECPR SGEU panels. 
The ECPR recently sent a mail-out with more details which I have pasted below.
We hope to see many Canadian colleagues at this first major European conference in Canada.
All the best,
Amy Verdun
ECPR-SGEU Convenor
University of Victoria
More information provided earlier by ECPR:
ECPR General Conference – Deadline for Panels and Papers is 16 February
The list of Sections<http://pr.ecprnet.eu/lt.php?c=862&m=849&nl=22&s=ad830ef29ab4f8a55455a91ce9
has been finalised and the call is open for Full Panels and individualPapers. Since this is a combined stage,
individuals are able to propose to a Section, either a Panel including 4– 5 Papers or individual
Papers. Further information explaining the stages in detail can be foundin the Guidelines
D--E-94--PND-PanelPapers>. Whenproposing a Panel/Paper please note that:
* Panel proposals must include a minimum of four Papers and each Papermust include the Paper title, an abstract and author(s) details.
* An individual Paper can be proposed to a specific Section, and ifaccepted, the Section Chair will allocate it to an appropriate Panel.
* Please note that there will not be a separate call for Papers.* All prospective participants much have a MyECPR account
The deadline for Panel and Paper submissions is 16 February 2015. Afunding opportunity
of €250 is available towards the cost of the conference for individualsaffiliated with ECPR Full member institutions (subject to
meeting therequired criteria). The funding application process will open on25 February 2015, and applications should be
submitted by 1 April 2015.
If you have any further questions about the conference, please email generalconference@ecpr.eu.


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