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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Reminder/Rappel Indigenous politics in comparative perspective - ECPR 2015

Call for papers: Indigenous politics in comparative perspective – section for the 2015 ECPR general conference, Montreal, August 2015.

Deadline for submitting paper: February 16, 2015.
Submission process:http://ecpr.eu/Events/Content.aspx?ID=76&EventID=94

The first objective of the series of panels is to provide a more systematic comparative outlook on Indigenous politics across continents. What can we learn from developments around the world regarding Indigenous mobilizations or Court’s interpretation of Indigenous rights, for example? Are there key areas of convergence and divergence in Indigenous politics and Indigenous law? Our second objective is to foster an intercontinental dialogue on key research agendas, theoretical approaches and perspectives in the emerging field of Indigenous politics. Is there a coherent set of issues, concepts and theoretical debates that unite the field? Is there a possible dialogue between approaches generally associated with Indigenous studies and mainstream political science? How do we approach the challenge of decolonizing research on/with/for Indigenous peoples within mainstream political science?

The section is organized along six thematic panels. We welcome proposals that address these themes from a comparative and/or interdisciplinary perspective or through case study, as well as any other aspects of Indigenous politics relevant to our objectives:

1-Theories and methods in the study of indigenous politics

2-Reconciliation and intercultural dialogue, from theory to practice

3-The politics of indigenous representation and participation in mainstream institutions

4-Comparative developments in indigenous rights and the role of the judiciary

5-Indigenous activism: from grassroots resurgence to political parties and organizations

6-Implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC): the politics of consultation and participation in resources development

For more information or to submit a proposal:

Potential participants can submit individual paper proposals at the ECPR website. The Section Chairs can then allocate papers to panels after the deadline. It is also possible to propose a complete panel with papers at the ECPR website, within the same deadline.


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