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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Economics and Environmental Policy Request for Proposals are now open!



Institut de l’environnement

Institute of the Environment


Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN)


Research with Purpose


The EEPRN is seeking proposals for academic research projects in the following priority research areas: 

Learn More about each focus area, by clicking the above links.  

Additional Opportunity 

SP Research Network 

Do you have a research proposal related to the low carbon economy; environmental markets, economy-wide issues; market tools for sustainable communities or require a grant to develop a small research network? Check out the Sustainable Prosperity Research Network Request for proposal guidelines. 

Deadline: Monday February 23, 2015, 11:59PM EST. 

EEPRN Application Details:

Research proposals may be submitted by faculty, graduate students, or post-doctoral fellows.  Proposals generally not exceeding $25,000 per year will be considered for funding. 

For more information on how to apply, check out our full RFP. 

About the Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network

The Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN), hosted by the University of Ottawa, brings together leading researchers from across the country to study and develop innovative policies for protecting Canada’s environment while simultaneously building a stronger economic future.
This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Department of the Environment. This initiative aims at enhancing Environment Canada’s capacity to integrate environmental and economic policy considerations and research into its regulatory functions.

The Network mobilizes over 84 scholars from Canadian universities as well as internationally. The Network builds connections and capacity, fosters greater dialogue between academics and government partners, and generates innovative, policy-relevant research. 


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