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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for Papers - Unity and Resistance

Call for Papers
Unity and Resistance
3rd Annual University of Toronto Centre for Ethics Graduate Conference
March 6th-7th 2015


Keynote Speaker

Saba Mahmood (UC Berkeley)


This conference explores unity and resistance in ethics and politics. Visions and enactments of unity as well as oppositions to or rejections of unity continue to animate politics, philosophy and ethics today. What can we say about the problem (as well as the promise) of unity in the 21st century? How is unity enacted through resistance? How do political activists, ethicists, philosophers, and citizens understand the one and the many, monism and pluralism, unity and disunity? 

The graduate associates of the University of Toronto Centre for Ethics invite paper submissions on the theme of unity and resistance that touch on one or more of our three pillars: foundations of ethics, ethics in action, and ethics in translation. We welcome submissions from all related disciplines, including philosophy, political theory, political science, law, anthropology, sociology, religious studies, psychology, education, and literature.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


·         secularism and religion in the public sphere

·         ethics of rebellion and resistance

·         value of unity

·         separatist movements

·         consensus vs. agonism or dissensus

·         analytic vs. holistic thought

·         non-western approaches to unity and resistance

·         pluralism vs. monism

·         globalization and new media

·         post-colonial and indigenous resistance


Deadline for submissions: January 30th, 2015

Interested participants should send an abstract of their paper, not exceeding 500 words, to graduateassociates@gmail.com. Submissions must be in PDF format and prepared for blind review. In your email, please include your name, abstract title, and institutional affiliation. Only one submission per author.
Panels will have faculty discussants from a variety of disciplines at the University of Toronto. Keynote presentation and reception to take place March 6th.


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