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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: ECPR General Conference, Standing Group on Political Violence

Call for Papers

ECPR General Conference, Standing Group on Political Violence

Université de Montréal, 26-29 August 2015

Political Violence: Identity and Ideology


The ECPR Standing Group on Political Violence is organizing a section entitled Political Violence: Identity and Ideology for the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference to be held at the Université de Montréal, 26-29 August 2015. Papers are now invited for submission via myECPR, the deadline is 16 February 2015.


Our principal aim is to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of scholars concerned with questions of political violence and its relationship to identity and ideology from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The section, comprised of four panels, will provide a forum for scholars to engage with a range of questions, including:



We welcome papers that promise new insights from across the disciplines concerned with questions of political violence. Submissions can address conceptual and theoretical issues pertaining to ideology, identity, and violent politics; methodological approaches to understanding the complex interactions between these phenomena, including qualitative and quantitative perspectives; historical studies, and empirical and comparative analyses exploring the impact of ideological and identity commitments on how and why political violence emerges and declines. Papers may look at different forms of political violence, and the range of actors and contexts in which they are used, including social and protest movements, insurgencies, civil wars, terrorist campaigns, repressive regimes, and the behavior of armies, police forces and militias.


By providing a multi-disciplinary forum to explore these issues, we seek to further debates over the role of ideology and identity in violent politics and to facilitate the dissemination of research presented at the conference through publication of selected papers from the section.



Panel 1:                When Civil Resistance Fails: Ideology, Identity and Repressive Regimes

Chair:                    Dr. William Thomson, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews


Panel 2:                Ideology without Borders? Violent Discourses in the Age of the Internet

Chair:                    Dr. Aurélie Campana, Department of Political Science, Université Laval

Many authors agree that discourses promoted by clandestine violent organizations result from the interactions of macro-narratives with local claims, values, traditions, symbols, and memories. At a time when the Internet erases boundaries and helps create virtual links between unrelated groups, how might we reevaluate the influence of broader narratives on the constitution of violent clandestine organizations’ discourses? This panel addresses four interrelated processes that shape such discourses in the age of the Internet: 1) the mechanisms of diffusion and circulation of broader left-wing, right-wing, and jihadist ideologies; 2) the adaptation of these macro-discourses to different contexts, organizational types and differing objectives, and their role in justifying the use of violence; 3) the competition between different identity claims that emerge from these processes within the same organizational or ideological family; and 4) the changes in discourses, both at the local and global levels, that result from these diffusion-adaptation-competition processes. 


Panel 3:                Apocalyptic Worldviews, Terrorism and Political Violence

Chair:                    Dr. Frances Flannery, Director, Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace, James Madison University


Panel 4:                The Role of Ideology in Violent Politics: Mobilisation, Strategy and Targeting

Chair:                    Dr. Sarah Marsden, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St Andrews 


More information about the panels can be found at: CSTPV news


Please contact the section conveners with any queries:


Section Chair:                   Dr. Sarah Marsden: sm992@st-andrews.ac.uk

Section Co-Chair:            Dr. William Thomson: wwt @st-andrews.ac.uk




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