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Date: 2017-07-19
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Subject: Switzerland, 3-12 Month Visitor Research Program, Call for Researchers

Dear Colleagues,


IPD invite you and your colleagues to be join Visitor Research Program, VRP during the 3-12 Month Period.


During the Research period this program will allow you to be part of IPD academic Training programs, to visit Swiss Institutions in different Kantons, to improve Research skills and writing Research material under Academic Supervisor Support.


Program participation fee covers also Researchers`accommodation stay in Single room in one of the Swiss Host Family. This strategy help also to Researcher to learn more about Switzerland, traditions, culture and local language via Close Support of Swiss Host Family People.


Written Research Assignments by IPD Researchers up today


1. Research Assignment named “Separatist Movements in South-East Asia” by Mr. M. Giles from Australia

2. Research Assignment named “Applying Non-violence and interdisciplinary approach into Security Operation: an example of conflict transformation in Refugee Affairs and Border Security in Thailand” by Mr. W. Chotirosseranee from Thailand

3. Research Assignment named “Conflict  Over  Natural  Resources: A  Case  Study  of  Ogoni  People  of  the  Niger  Delta  Region  of  Nigeria” by L. Akin  Aladesua from Nigeria

4. Research Assignment named “The Post-2011 Process of Peace Negotiation in Yemen and the Role of Mediation by the United Nations” by Mr. C. Meijer from Switzerland

5. Research Assignment named “Review of interventions to reduce health vulnerability and improve access to healthcare for undocumented migrants in Europe” by Ms. S. Karymbaeva from Kyrgyzistan


Visited Swiss Institutions during the 3 Month CAS-Research Programs


1. CSS, Center for Security Studies - ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland

2. Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution in Basel, Switzerland

3. UNHCR, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland

4. ICRC, International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland

5. Geneva Center for Security Policy in Geneva, Switzerland

6. World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland

7. UN Global Compact, Global Compact Network Switzerland in Zurich, Switzerland

8. Basel Peace Office in Basel, Switzerland

9. Mr. Markus Hess: Lecturer and Mediator at Hochschule Luzern in Luzern, Switzerland

10. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, OHCHR in Geneva

11. Docip, Center for Documentation, Research and Information in Geneva, Switzerland

12. World Health Organization, WHO in Geneva, Switzerland


For more Information please visit Visitor Research program web site.



Looking Forward to receive your application and please feel free to write me back if you might have any more questions.


Best wishes,



Kind regards,
Fakhrinur HUSEYNLI
Director of Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD
Event Organizer & Study Abroad Consultant
Address: Hegenheimerstrasse 175,
4055 Basel, Switzerland
E-mail: fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch
Cell: +41764316170
Skype: fakhrinur.huseynli2


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