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Date: 2017-05-10
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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for papers - Workshop on Presidential Breakdowns, Parliamentary Role and Democracy: Assessing Causes and Implications of Political Instability






Call for papers


Workshop on Presidential Breakdowns, Parliamentary Role and Democracy:

Assessing Causes and Implications of Political Instability


October 20th and 21st, 2017

Quebec City, Canada



Analytical Theme


This workshop seeks to understand presidential political instability, its causes as well as its implications. We have recently witnessed –mainly in Latin America– streets manifestations and struggles between parliaments and presidents, that resulted in presidential exits before the conclusion of their constitutionally fixed mandate. Paradoxically, presidential regimes are characterized by a strong executive, elected independently from its legislative counterpart. This essentially means that the former is supposed to drive the country regardless of the power relations within the parliament. However, parliaments seem to adopt parliamentary regimes behavior, forming and dismissing governments. In doing so, impeachment no longer appears to be an exceptional measure. Moreover, this phenomenon is controversial because presidential exits typically imply a change in the governments’ agenda, thus ignoring voters’ preferences and affecting thus the government legitimacy. Thus, we welcome proposals on this theme. Contributions should be original, offer a clear theoretical argument, and provide empirical support.


Workshop Format and Publication


The Workshop will take place on October 20th and 21st, 2017, at Quebec City, and the number of participants will be limited to 12-15. Full papers will be distributed 2 weeks before the event in order to ensure and encourage a deep group discussion, providing authors with detailed feedback, and allows participants to get acquainted in an informal setting. The organizers intend to publish a selection of papers as a special issue in a leading peer-review journal.


Submission of Proposals


To submit a proposal, send a one-page summary, a biographical note, and full contact information by email to workshop2017.presidentialbreak@gmail.com by June 4th. Authors will be informed by the selection committee of its decision by June 12th . Selected candidates are expected to send a complete version of their papers (between 7.000 and 10.000 words) 2 weeks before the event. Due to the workshop dynamic, authors who fail to send their paper on time will have to be removed from the program.


Practical Details


Meals and accommodation will be covered for all participants. There is no registration fee.


Organizer: Ph.D. Francois Gélineau (Professor at Laval University)


Coordinators: Mamadou Lamine Sarr (Ph.D. Candidate Laval University)


Nicolas Falomir Lockhart (Ph.D. Candidate Laval University)





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