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Subject: Institute of Intergovernmental Relations State of the Federation 2017 Conference, June 16-17, 2017

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations

State of the Federation 2017 Conference


Canada at 150: Federalism, Democratic Renewal/
Le Canada à 150 ans: Fédéralisme et renouveau démocratique


June 16-17, 2017, Kingston, Ontario (Donald Gordon Centre)


Conference website and registration http://www.queensu.ca/iigr/conferences/state-federation


Canada’s 150th anniversary provides an occasion to celebrate, take stock of, and critically reflect on the political institutions that serve the country’s people and provinces and territories. The Trudeau Liberals have overhauled the Senate appointment process, and re-engaged provinces after a decade of “open federalism”. This government has committed to formally extending intergovernmental relations to include Aboriginals, a change that may help repair relationships with Aboriginal peoples and honour the fundamental right to self-governance, and has put municipal governance on the reform agenda too. We are also witnessing attention to institutions with critical implications for federalism and the representation of provinces and territories, focussing on the Supreme Court and the electoral system.


Our distinguished roster of speakers will focus on enduring questions about the functioning of federalism and intergovernmental relations in Canada, including how we should evaluate the quality of Canada’s institutions and practices in light of our federal structure, and how current institutional arrangements and their possible alternatives fare according to these criteria.



Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant,


Institute of Intergovernmental Relations 

School of Policy Studies

Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 412

(613) 533-2080





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