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Subject: University of Limerick - Department of Politics & Public Administration - Masters of Arts Programmes

Department of Politics & Public Administration

University of Limerick


Our one-year Masters of Arts programmes combine an exceptional educational experience with the opportunity to live in the heart of western Ireland. They are designed to prepare our graduates to excel in a range of professions and pursue PhD studies.


The MA in International Studies applies innovative scholarly insights to investigate and explain contemporary international issues, such as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, global inequality, and the use of child soldiers. Course Director: Owen Worth (owen.worth@ul.ie)


The MA in Peace and Development Studies stresses practical applications of theories to debates associated with economic and political development and the causes and resolution of violent conflicts. Course Director: Myriam Benraad (myriam.benraad@ul.ie)


The MA in European Politics and Governance provides an advanced understanding of how modern European societies are governed through complex interactions between governments, citizens, businesses, and international organizations, like the European Union. Course Director: Frank Haege (frank.haege@ul.ie)


The MA in Ethics in International Affairs offers specialized training in political theory, emphasizing the application of ethical theories and concepts to practical questions in international affairs. Course Director: Adina Preda (adina.preda@ul.ie)


The MA in Politics allows our students to develop a highly customized educational experience combining elements of our more structured programmes. Course Director: Adina Preda (adina.preda@ul.ie)


To Apply and For More Information

Visit: http://www.ul.ie/ppa/postgraduate

Priority will be provided to applications received before July 1, 2017.


Contact Us

Scott Fitzsimmons, Chair of the Postgraduate Committee

Department of Politics & Public Administration

University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland





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