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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for Papers: Making Electoral Democracy Work

Call for Papers: Making Electoral Democracy Work

Pre-APSA Workshop, San Francisco, August 30, 2017

Organisers: André Blais (University of Montreal) and Filip Kostelka (University of Montreal)

The Making Electoral Democracy Work (MEDW) Project
<http://electoraldemocracy.com/about> calls for papers to be presented at a workshop held on August 30, just before the 2017 American Political Science Association (APSA) annual meeting in San Francisco. Proposed papers should deal with the core research themes of the project, which examines how the rules of the game (especially the electoral system) and the electoral context influence the dynamic and reciprocal relationship between voters and parties in democracies. Among other topics, we welcome papers on voter turnout, political participation, vote choice, party competition and evaluations of democratic performance. We will consider with interest all submitted proposals but papers using the MEDW data will be given priority.

How to apply
Send an abstract of not more than 5000 characters with a title (not more than 80 characters), your name and institutional affiliation to andre.blais@umontreal.ca<mailto:andre.blais@umontreal.ca> (with filip.kostelka@umontreal.ca<mailto:filip.kostelka@umontreal.ca> in copy) by January 5, 2017.

How to access the MEDW data
The MEDW include pre- and post-electoral surveys from 27 elections held at different levels of government in 5 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland) and in 10 regions (Ontario, Quebec, le de France, Provence, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Catalonia, Madrid, Lucerne and Zürich). For more details, see the codebooks and questionnaires available here<http://electoraldemocracy.com/voter-behaviour>. The data are available upon request to André Blais (andre.blais@umontreal.ca<mailto:andre.blais@umontreal.ca>). Requests should include an abstract for the proposed study.

For further information on the workshop, do not hesitate to contact Filip Kostelka (filip.kostelka@umontreal.ca<mailto:filip.kostelka@umontreal.ca>).


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