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Date: 2016-12-14
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Subject: McMaster University - Special Graduate Student Recruitment in Health and Social Policy

Special Graduate Student Recruitment in Health and Social Policy

McMaster University


In addition to our annual, general recruitment for the graduate program, the Department of Political Science at McMaster also offers special recruitment opportunities for students. 


Dr. Katherine Boothe is seeking to recruit a student into the graduate program at the PhD level in the area of Health or Social Policy. The recruitment offer involves a Research Assistant position in year 1 with the possibility extension over the summer and into year 2, and a departmental financial support package for years 3 and 4. The student will assist with SSHRC-funded research on the changing role of ideas in pharmaceutical insurance policy and early childhood education and care policy in Canada, will receive training on qualitative data analysis software and elite interview techniques, and will have the opportunity to contribute to conference presentations and publications.


The project asks, how do the ideas, beliefs, and mental shortcuts of policy makers affect both public perceptions and policy outcomes? Why do political actors hold certain ideas and not others, and how do the ideas that dominate a particular policy area change over time? It traces processes of ideational stability and change in pharmaceutical insurance and early childhood education and care in Canada. Both these issues are areas of provincial jurisdiction with important pan-Canadian implications and involve policy entrepreneurs from academia and advocacy groups. Also, both involve the potential expansion of social benefits in the form of policy investments (incurring costs in the short to-medium term with the promise of benefits in the long term), which pose particular challenges regarding communication and trust between politicians and voters.


The student will join a supportive and innovative department with a variety of course options in comparative politics and comparative public policy, a high degree of faculty and student interaction and collaboration, and a tight-knit graduate student community.


Please contact boothek@mcmaster.ca for more information.



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