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Date: 2016-08-31
Time: 00:00:00
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Category: General Message
Subject: IPD, Visitor Research program, 3-12 Month Period

Dear Colleagues,



We are glad to inform you on our new 3-12 Month Visitor Research Program, VRP


It will be pleasure for us to host you in our place for you start your Research on peacebuilding, conflict Resolution, Mediation, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights.




The VRP Researchers could start the research in any time depends of them wish and that is why there havent any certain Deadline for the application.


But due to the visa application process and due to the accommodation booking process in Switzerland we need you submit your application 2 month in advance from your intended Research time.


Feel free if you will be any more questions.



Best wishes,



Kind regards, 

Fakhrinur HUSEYNLI
Director of Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD
Event Organizer & Study Abroad Consultant
Address: Eschenstrasse 4, 6020 Emmenbrücke,
         Luzern, Switzerland
E-mail: fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch
Cell: +41764316170
Skype: fakhrinur.huseynli2


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