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Subject: CJPS - Call for a New English-Language Editorial Team





The term of the English-language editorial team of the Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) ends June 2017.  Widely recognized internationally for its adherence to the highest scholarly standards, CJPS is also the premier bilingual outlet for refereed scholarship in political science in Canada. 


While the English-language editorial team traditionally has been located in one Department of Political Science, it could be in more than one.  As such, the CJPS Search Committee seeks informal expressions of interest at any time from Chairs of Departments of Political Science, and/or faculty located in Canadian departments of political science, but ideally by 16 May 2016.


Guidelines concerning the journal are attached below.  Formal applications will be due 26 August 2016 and consideration of applications will be in Fall 2016. A formal application should include the following:


1.  The nomination of colleagues as English-language Co-Editor, Assistant Editor and Book Review Editor, with indications of agreement and support from their department, or respective departments.  Normally there is just one Assistant Editor who works with the Co-Editor, although in some cases there has also been a second Assistant Editor assigned to work with the Co-Editor.


2.  A vision statement outlining how the team would approach the journal in light of the general principles outlined in the Guidelines, the international and national reputation of the journal, and the diversity of research political scientists do. Any changes that might be made should also be indicated. 


3.  An indication of the support that the hosting Department/University (or Departments and Universities if it involves more than one) would provide the co-editor and team, as well as a general budget. The CPSA will provide at least $20,000 annually in support for the English editorial team (normally this goes to support course release but it could be used however the team wishes).  In order to carry on the editorial work associated with CJPS, the team requires the following resources:


-- Administrative and teaching relief for the Co-Editor, Assistant Editor and Book Review Editor;


--Editorial Assistance (normally undertaken by PhD-level graduate students), an Editorial Assistant working about 10 hours a week would be required for the Co-Editor/manuscripts (about $13,200) and an Editorial Assistant working about 7 hours a week to support the Book Review Editor (about $9,600) for an annual total of about $22,800;


--Space (particularly book storage space for the Book Review Editor), and access to normal office and communications equipment (computer, printer, telephone etc.).


Questions or expressions of interest can be directed to:


Janet Hiebert (Vice-President, CPSA)

hiebertj@queensu.ca and/or


Silvina Danesi (Executive Director, CPSA)






Guidelines for the Selection of the English-Language Editorial Team of the Canadian Journal of Political Science


1. Since the Canadian Journal of Political Science is the omnibus journal of the Canadian political science community, the English-language editors are responsible for ensuring the publication of excellent manuscripts in all major subfields of political science, as well as manuscripts employing the main methodological approaches used in the discipline.




2.  The editorial team should have good scholarly credentials and a record of publishing in refereed journals or with refereed presses. 


3.  Ideally, the editorial team should be familiar with the Journal, either based on previous publication in the journal or assessment of CJPS manuscripts.


4.  Since editing the Journal requires a significant commitment of time, members of the editorial team should not assume major administrative roles during their tenure; the co-editor and assistant editor should regard editing the Journal as their primary task after teaching and research.


5.  Since the position of Book Review Editor is quite discrete, he or she does not have to be located at the same university as the editor or assistant editor although it is preferable to have the entire editorial team in a single department.


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