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Date: 2016-07-20
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Subject: Seeking information - current structure of the Liberal Party

Dear Colleagues,


Part of a lecture that I give here at the Canadian Forces College includes an outline of the structure and power dynamics of the federal governing party.  I know that the Liberals amended their constitution at their 2016 policy conference, but the revised version is not yet up on their website.  I’ve contacted the Party itself but have not yet heard back.  I was therefore wondering whether any of you (1) have a copy of the new constitution that I might be able to see; (2) understand the constitutional and practical ins and outs of the Liberal Party and might be willing to speak to me about them; (3) could put me in touch with someone who fulfills #s 1 or 2.





Dr. Adam Chapnick


Professor / Deputy Director, Education

Canadian Forces College 

Department of National Defence / Government of Canada

215 Yonge Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5M 3H9

chapnick@cfc.dnd.ca or adam.chapnick@rmc.ca

Tel: 416-482-6800 ext 6853 / Facsimile 416-482-6802


Professeur / Directeur adjoint, éducation

Collège des Forces canadiennes

Ministère de la Défense nationale

215 Yonge Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5M 3H9

chapnick@cfc.dnd.ca ou adam.chapnick@rmc.ca

Tél : 416-482-6800 poste 6853 / Télécopieur 416-482-6802


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