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Hey there! 


We are The True North Times, an online publication that publishes satire on Canadian politics and we have an exciting opportunity for your students! We mock real news and people, so think of us as more like The Daily Show than The Onion; there’s no parody in our publication. We make news fun and engaging with the mission of getting Canadians, especially the youth demographic, engaged in our country’s politics. We’ve quickly become a top source of Canadian political news, with well over 100,000 readers and a lot of exciting projects with organizations and politicians across the country.  


Due to our tremendous growth, we’re recruiting new writers! We see Canadian students as the perfect candidates, since The True North Times is a way for them to get their opinions out and to get their peers laughing, as well as a chance to get some real world journalism and political commentary experience. This is not a student publication; this is a rare opportunity for students to join a real Canadian news source. 


We were hoping that you could share the following blurb in your next newsletter or listserv, as well as share it with other relevant student groups on your campus, to help get our call out there and give your students this exciting opportunity.  




Alexia Manchon 

Outreach Director, The True North Times




Passionate about Canadian politics? Got a funny streak? Apply to join the crew of The True North Times as a contributor and be part of Canada’s leading political satire publication. We’ve garnered interest from fine folks at the National Post, Maclean’s, and the Huffington Post. Join us in the time-honoured tradition of poking fun at our elected officials. Whether your beat is federal, provincial, municipal, or any combination thereof, we may have a spot on our team for you! So get in touch with us and apply at http://www.truenorthtimes.ca/contribute/ 

This is a rare opportunity to go from the world of student publications into the ranks of a real Canadian news source while still in school, so don't miss your chance!


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